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Get to know your pet’s nutritional requirements with personalised advice and newsletters 

(money off vouchers available to spend at our practice). Read more here:

Help your pet live its best life by spotting signs of conditions such as skin problems and arthritis. Read more here:

Do you have questions about canine arthritis

How do I know if my dog has arthritis? How can I tell if my dog is in pain? Do young dogs get arthritis? I have just found out my dog has arthritis – what do I do? Read more here:

Laminitis: The last 8 years have seen an unprecedented leap forward in our understanding of what causes laminitis, and this has significantly improved the way that we are now able to manage this debilitating and painful condition in our horses and ponies. Read more here:

Equine Cushing’s disease, also known as PPID, is thought to affect 20% of horses over the age of 15, and is the 5th most common disease syndrome recognised in horses and ponies in the UK. Read more here: