Park Hall

Park Hall Veterinary Clinic was established in 1978 by the practice principle, Margaret Wharmby.

As a practice we pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst maintaining an excellent level of service for you and your pet. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations in both veterinary care and customer service as well as value for money.

We are a mixed practice and so can care for all your animal’s needs; from the smallest of rabbits to the muddiest cow we are here to help you with all your veterinary needs.

The door will be locked with access only by prior arrangement.

The phones will be answered from 8am.

Only available to registered clients.

Please note that all appointments need to be pre-booked, we no longer provide a walk-in service. Phone lines will be open during the following times:

Recent Facebook Posts

Horse Rescue! 🐴

This morning one of our lovely client’s horses, Flicks, had a fall through a bridge resulting in his back legs being trapped.

The Animal Rescue Team from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service attended alongside our vet, Richard, and together they were able to bring Flicks to safety.

Richard said that the best moment was when Flicks spotted his Mum and let out a relieved little whinny!! You can see his equally relieved Mum giving him a great big kiss in the third photo! 😢🥰😊

He is an incredibly well loved horse and we’re glad he is doing well!! 🤞💛
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If you have an account with us (usually large animal clients), please note that we have now stopped sending invoices by post and have switched to email. If you haven’t received an email it is likely that the email is sitting in your junk mail folder or we do not have your up-to-date email address.


We’re just trying to be more environmentally friendly! 🌳🌲🌿♻️
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Colin says ‘During this hot weather, once you have signed in and ONLY if you have super powerful air conditioning please wait in your car with your pet until you are called. If you haven’t got a/c please stand in a shaded spot. Your pet is at very high risk of over heating in this weather. We have multiple water bowls at the front of the practice for your use.’

*Also, please check that Colin hasn’t got into your vehicle before you leave. He does like an adventure! 🙈
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We’re sure you’re all aware that the temperature this weekend is predicted to be hot hot hot!!! 🥵☀️🌡

Whilst we hope you all have a glorious weekend we would just like to remind you of the following…

⛔️Please DO NOT walk dogs in this heat!⛔️

No dog has ever died from missing a walk or two but they will succumb pretty quickly to heat stroke if put at risk. Brachycephalic (short snouted) breeds are particularly at risk so please be mindful of this – even when they’re relaxing in the garden!

Ensure all pets are kept in a cool, shaded area at all times and have 24/7 access to fresh drinking water.

Try to avoid travelling with your pet if possible, and if doing so please ensure you use the air conditioning and NEVER leave them unaccompanied in a hot car.

We’d also suggest that horsey folk also be mindful of hot horses in trailers / lorries if going out this weekend!

If you do have any concerns about heatstroke please contact us on the usual number.
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Every now and then our client car park is empty! May all the animals under our care remain safe and well 😴🙏🐾🌛 See MoreSee Less