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Park Hall Veterinary Clinic was established in 1978 by the practice principle, Margaret Wharmby.

As a practice we pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst maintaining an excellent level of service for you and your pet. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations in both veterinary care and customer service as well as value for money.

We are a mixed practice and so can care for all your animal’s needs; from the smallest of rabbits to the muddiest cow we are here to help you with all your veterinary needs.

The door will be locked with access only by prior arrangement.

The phones will be answered from 8am.

Only available to registered clients.

Please note that all appointments need to be pre-booked, we no longer provide a walk-in service. Phone lines will be open during the following times:

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Old male entire cat brought in from Brown Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse. No id chip/ collar. Please contact the surgery if yours. See MoreSee Less

We already knew dogs are amazing.This is Digby. Today he did something amazing and helped save a young woman who was thinking of taking her own life near Exeter.

We were at the incident as part of a multi-agency response. Police negotiators were speaking with the woman but the situation was becoming increasingly worrying.

One of the fire crews had the idea to bring along Digby, our ‘defusing’ dog. Digby helps crews who have been exposed to trauma during talking therapy ‘diffusing’ sessions.

When Digby arrived, the young woman immediately swung her head round to look, and smiled. This got a conversation started about Digby and his role at the fire service. She was asked if she would like to come and meet Digby, which we are pleased to say she did.

We wish the woman involved all the best in her recovery.

If you need someone to talk to, contact Samaritans on 116 123 or visit
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Further to our post this morning.
These are the only cat foods that have been recalled, (voluntarily by the manufacturer)
If you have been feeding these foods please stop immediately and find an alternative.
It is still unknown what is causing the mystery illness in cats resulting in catastrophic bone marrow failure.
There is only a small possibility it is linked to these feeds.
Research is still in the early stages.
If you have been feeding one of the recalled cat food brands you can book an appointment and have a clinical examination with a blood test we send to a lab for a haematology assessment.
There are several limitations it is important for people to understand

1. There is a mystery illness emerging in cats that causes catastrophic bone marrow failure.
2. Mortality is being reported at more than 90% even with aggressive specialist treatment.
3. It is possible, but not proven, there is a link to some cat food brands.
4. We can do a clinical examination and a blood test on any cats if owners are concerned.
5. There is no guarantee that any treatment can be offered even if we discover you cat may be affected.
6. A clear blood test today does not mean that your cat is not affected as we have no knowledge on the progression of this illness.
7. We do not know how long after exposure to the food, ( if indeed the food is a causal agent,) your cat may start to show symptoms.
8. We are continually liaising with the Royal Veterinary College regarding advice and the progression of knowledge.

We will continue to update you as the veterinary community learns more
The Park Hall Team.
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At the moment we are unsure how to advise people who have fed these cat foods.
For now just stop feeding the foods and once we have spoken to advisors we will post further.** Product Recall**

There is a voluntary recall happening from today for some brands of cat foods due to a possible link to the development of serious disease in cats eating them.

The affected products are from some ranges of AVA, available in Pets At Home, Applaws and Sainsbury’s cat food.

For Applaws products it is only packs with a Best Before Date of Dec 2022 to Best Before Date of June 2023 and a site reference code of GB218E5009.

For AVA it is all batches and best before dates

For Sainsburys’ products it is all batches and best before dates

For a full list of products and the affected batch numbers issued by the Food Standards Agency, click here;

To read the statement from Fold Hills Food – the facility where these diets are made, click here;…

If your cat has been eating these diets, it may be wise to contact your vet to discuss it with them and possibly run some precautionary blood tests.

However, it is important to note that this is still a precaution and no definite link or cause has been found yet.

You can also join this Facebook group, which has been set up by owners of cats affected by this issue who are sharing all the latest findings and updates;
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