Park Hall

Park Hall Veterinary Clinic was established in 1978 by the practice principle, Margaret Wharmby.

As a practice we pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst maintaining an excellent level of service for you and your pet. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations in both veterinary care and customer service as well as value for money.

We are a mixed practice and so can care for all your animal’s needs; from the smallest of rabbits to the muddiest cow we are here to help you with all your veterinary needs.

All operations, visits and appointments are cancelled.

The door will be locked with access only by prior arrangement for genuine emergencies.

The phones will be answered from 8am.
We will are operating an emergency only service.

We are able to offer some services over the phone ( charges apply) with telephone card payment and drugs either posted out or collected by prior arrangement.

Only available to registered clients who have been seen at the clinic in the last 6 months.

1 day ago

Covid update.
We are trying to start to offer a more ‘normal’ service at the clinic.
As I’m sure people will understand we have been under massive pressure and have a lot of routine procedures to catch up with.
If you have messaged us for a vaccine and have not yet heard back please now just call the clinic on the normal phone number. 01623620784.
During the first 3 months of Covid lockdown we did not send out vaccine reminders, so if you think your pet may have been due a vaccine in that time period please check your vaccine card or give us a ring. ( remember phone lines are still extremely busy)

We are not offering any open surgeries for the foreseeable future, however we aim to fit people in for clinic appointments within a few days.

We are still not allowing people into the clinic building as this creates a possibility that the staff may have to go into isolation if a client subsequently tests positive for covid.

We are trialling a reception ‘kiosk’ outside the front door on some days. This will allow clients to book in and pay by card. Hopefully this will free up the phone lines a bit. Social distancing must be observed at all times.
As ever, looking forward to even more ‘normal’ days.

6 days ago

So the shops have opened...why then are our doors still closed to clients even though we are returning to more routine work?

Firstly can we say we are missing seeing you all in the building. It is a very surreal way to work. We miss the banter, the puppy cuddles from people just walking their dogs past and the ease of communicating face to face...
1) We have a priority to keep a veterinary service available here at the practice. We want urgent cases to be able to be seen and dealt with here by our team, where our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. With test and trace now a priority we cannot risk having to shut the practice down if one of our clients was to test positive after having come to see us.
2) We want to protect you, our clients. We see lots of animals now each day. If each one comes with an owner into the building and one of our team was unknowingly infected we could spread this horrible virus to many people. We have limited space in the consulting rooms and cannot maintain a 2m distance whilst examining your pets. This is why we are relying on our qualified nurses to give the love and reassurance you would normally give whilst we examine our patients.
3) We need to protect our team. Some members of our team are at higher risk than the general population of complications from covid. Keeping those members of the team non customer facing helps to protect them.

As the infection rate drops further we will of course revisit this decision but to protect our patients💙, our clients💙 and our team💙 for now it is animals only into the building.

We thank you all for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you all face to face soon.

1 week ago

Whilst we fully understand that coming to the vets can often be very stressful, especially at the moment, we would please ask that you be patient with all of our staff. They are doing the best they can to provide your pet’s healthcare whilst working within smaller teams.

We are endeavouring to stick to the time slots you have been given but please be mindful that an animal needing emergency treatment will always take priority and this may lead to some delays. Our staff absolutely should not have to tolerate verbal abuse especially when they’re only trying to do their best for your pets.

Thank you for your understanding. #bekind

1 week ago

Please ring the normal surgery landline for all appointments or to order medication.
01623 620784.
There is a mobile number on the door for telling us when you arrive but this is not how to contact us at any other time.
We are trying our best but are still working with reduced staff and texts to the mobile cannot be monitored.
Thank you! Stay cool! X

1 week ago

Please stay inside today with your pets. Even lying in the sun can cause heat stroke.

3 weeks ago

Just a polite reminder.

At the moment we are endeavouring to follow government guidelines on social distancing at all times in order to safeguard the health of our clients and employees.

This means that we have altered the way we are handling your pets; either taking them into the practice to be held by one of our wonderful nurses or treating them outside with you standing at a suitable distance (only when you have told us that your pet will cope with this novel situation).

In 99% of cases your pets have been absolutely brilliant at dealing with these new situations. However, on occasion we have found pets attempting to bite and some clients not being entirely surprised by this!!

Whilst you can never 100% predict how your pet will react in a stressful situation we would kindly request that you please be honest with us if you know your pet has a tendency to bite when they become nervous. We really appreciate it when clients warn us that their pet might be a bit nervous BEFORE we approach them as it allows us to work with you to ensure that we can handle your pet safely whilst also allowing all of our members of staff to finish the day with all of their fingers and toes intact!

Thank You! 😊🐾

3 weeks ago

There is some confusion on how to best contact us for what.

Please text us on 07796308383 for all routine, yearly, due or overdue vaccines for small animals. Send basic details and we will strive to get back to you within the week to arrange an appointment. Card Payment over the phone will be taken at time of booking and we are still not allowing clients in the clinic, so socially distanced vaccines will be done in the car park( not cats!) , or occasionally we will bring your pet into the clinic for a reassuring cuddle with a nurse.

For all other enquires please phone the clinic. 01623620784
Phone lines can be busy, but the mobile and Facebook messenger are left unmonitored for long periods of time.

We are trying to start to do some more less urgent surgery so please contact the clinic if you have been asked to wait for surgery.

Please be mindful that these things may change on a daily basis depending on guidelines from the RCVS and the government.

The clinic is still working with closed doors, so please phone in the first instance.

We are looking forward to the day that we can return to normal and welcome you back into our clinic.

1 month ago
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Thank You very much to Bragi for sharing his birthday cake with us!! He has been incredibly generous! Happy Birthday Bragi! 🥳

1 month ago
Cambridge BOAS Research Group

Did you know that dogs will not open their mouth to breathe when asleep if they have nasal obstruction?

Dogs can breathe through either the oral cavity or nasal cavity when they are awake. However, they are obligate nasal breathers when asleep. Therefore, if their nose is blocked, dogs will wake up, open their mouth to breathe and subsequently go back to sleep.

Obstruction within any part of the nasal airway (i.e. from the external nostrils to the end of the nasopharynx) can lead to interrupted sleep or sleep apnoea in dogs. Affected dogs will often wake up multiple times during their sleep, and they may sleep in certain positions that will open up the nasal airway to relieve the obstruction. Some dogs may hold a toy in their mouth when asleep so that they can breathe through their mouth. Nasal airway obstruction can result from many conditions, not just BOAS, however brachycephalic patients are often more severely affected.

Long-term, interrupted sleep due to nasal obstruction causes fatigue and a reduced quality of life. Severe airflow obstruction can also be life-threatening. If your dog shows any of the above signs frequently, investigation into the cause of obstruction is recommended.

#ObligateNasalBreather #SleepApnoea #InterruptedSleep #BOAS #Brachycephalicdogs
#SleepDisorderedBreathing #NasalCongestion

1 month ago

So... we were hoping to have better news that we were able to open our doors a little more. The new track and trace 14 day isolation rules have scuppered this. In the clinic it is impossible to socially distance from other members of staff while we are caring for animals and operating. This means if one member of staff had covid, the whole staff would have to isolate for 14 days and we would not even be able to offer the limited service we can at the moment.
For now we have to remain in two small teams to protect our service to your pets.
So, we continue to offer telephone consults for most problems, with in clinic socially distanced examinations for more poorly pets.
Phone the surgery to arrange phone consultations, urgent enquiries, order repeat prescriptions and flea, tick and wormers, puppy/ kitten vaccines and some neutering.
Also phone the surgery for equine visits and vaccines.
Please text 07796308383 if you have a dog/ cat/ rabbit vaccine due or overdue. See previous post for details.
Keep safe everyone and bear with us a little longer.
The Park Hall teams x