Pet Dental Care

A frighteningly high % of our pets are in urgent need of dental treatment.

This means that they are walking around with infection and inflammation in their mouths. Not only is there infection in the mouth – but it can spread to affect the whole body. Vets around the country know that a combined approach to dental care is required. Simply using a chew is not enough. Proper prophylaxis and cleaning followed by a combined preventive approach (ideally including brushing) is the best way forwards.

It is important to remember that most dental disease is treatable. Certainly the vast majority of the disease is preventable.

Call the surgery and book a FREE dental check with one of our nurses, who can also offer advice on effective dental care and treatments.

Prevention of dental disease is better than treatment. Veterinary Dentistry is all about making pets healthier and happier and seeing the benefits that this brings to our pets and their relationships with their owners.