Nurse Clinics

Weight Clinics
In our weight clinics we can advise on how to maintain, lose or gain weight in a healthy way. Using our nurse’s knowledge and their own experience weight can easily be lost via specialist diets. Excess weight can put a strain on your pet’s heart, joints and liver, but we are here to help with these problems.

Dental Checks
Our pet’s teeth are just as important as our own. Having dental issues can cause internal problems that can’t be seen, with the animals heart and blood. Our team of dedicated of nurses can help you.

Cuddle Clinics
As your pup or kitten gets older their needs change and our nurses are here to help and advise on how to cope with the changes. We can offer advice with neutering, diet and much more.

Flea and Worm clinics and Parasite Checks
Do you know what wormer or flea treatment covers mange, ticks, lung worm etc? Come for a free flea and worm check and our nurses will explain all.

Geriatric and Over 8’s Club
Come and talk to a nurse and we can can see if old age is catching up with your pet. Are they passing more urine or drinking more than normal? Are they on a senior food? Are they slower or stiff in their joints? We can help advise on how to help with any of these problems.