As a practice we strongly recommend that all dogs, cats and rabbits are neutered; all females are spayed and males castrated.

Neutering prevents unwanted litters and in a society where re-homing centres are full to bursting we believe that it is an essential part of owning a pet. Early neutering can help prevent territorial or aggressive behaviour and prevent pets roaming too far and getting lost. From a health point of view the neutering of pets can prevent future problems, for example entire males are susceptible to contracting testicular cancer and prostate problems, both of which can be life threatening.

Un-spayed females can face problems such as pyometra and mammary masses, which again can make the animal very ill and can sometimes be fatal.

Castration in male dogs, cats and rabbits can occur anytime from 6 months of age providing the animal is fit and healthy and both testicles have descended.

Spaying female cats and rabbits can again happen from 6 months of age onwards providing that the animal is fit and healthy. A full health assessment is provided before the operation commences to ensure your pet is ready for surgery.

Bitches can be spayed 3 months after completing their first season and 3 months after completing any season thereafter. We state 3 months as this is the mid-point between seasons for the bitch.

The neutering of animals is carried out under a general anaesthetic, if this or any of the information provided here raises concerns or you would like to book your pet in for neutering please phone the surgery for advice.