Every working day we have two veterinary surgeons out on the road carrying out equine visits and at least one veterinary surgeon will be on call to attend any equine emergency. Back at the surgery we have stabling facilities for those horses that have to be hospitalised.

The practice offers an equine X-ray room with fixed and mobile X-ray machines, and stocks which allow us to perform dental work, endoscope and ultrasound scanning. Our fully equipped equine surgical theatre allows our surgeons to carry out simple surgeries including castrations and stitch-ups.

Every week the practice offers a “lameness” day; this allows one veterinary surgeon to carry out lameness workups for horses that have been previously seen on a visit. The workup includes trotting the horse up the runway, flexion tests, and the horse can also be worked on softer ground in our indoor menage. Nerve blocks are then performed to localise the site of lameness before ultrasound scanning and radiographs can reach a diagnosis.

Calum Grant is regularly onsite to provide corrective farriery when needed. We also offer regular dates when BEVA registered equine dentist Emma Caswell is at Park Hall for anything from routine teeth rasps to corrective power tool work. Please contact the surgery for more information.